Welcome to the Underground Tracks Classroom

Hey there, my name is Cheyne Kohl.  I am a certified teacher and producer at Underground Tracks.  I have over nine years of experience in the home studio, and I am currently working professionally out of my home studio in Busan, South Korea.  

Like many of you, I happened upon this art unintentionally.  My career in audio production started as no more than a means to share my music with my family and peers.  I started out with the most basic amount of gear possible:  a cheap set of headphones, a demo version DAW, a usb microphone, and above all else, an unwavering desire to write and record music.  That humble set-up grew, eventually manifesting into a business and a passion to help others share their material with fans, friends and family.  

With the creation of this blog, I hope to create a space to teach what I have learned over the years.  Whether you’re just starting out, or you are a veteran in the field, I feel this blog will be beneficial to you and your art.

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Until Next Time,

Cheyne Kohl