TV, Films & Radio

While it is up to our clients to market their own material, we do offer guidance on where to invest!  We offer all of our clients access to thousands of contacts in radio, podcasts, TV and even film.  We can find your target audience, and help you put together a professional looking and sounding press kit.

Publications & Reviews

We also offer all of our clients access to our large database of publications spanning over 20 genre’s and 6 continents!  Publications may include anything from album reviews, to interviews or even promotions.

Labels & Vendors

If finding a label is important to you, Underground Tracks offers its clients a detailed list of vendors and labels who offer non-exclusive (meaning you can sign up with as many as you want) contracts.  

Online Marketing

At Underground Tracks, we strive to get your music heard in every way possible.  The music business has shifted from store fronts to online over the last decade.  We can help you navigate your way through online marketing by providing a large list of sites that you can upload your music to.  We can also provide guidance in getting your music on popular internet market places such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and more!


1 Track



5-7 Tracks



10-15 Tracks