Mastering gives your tracks continuity.  It helps them translate across listening environments, and it gives them that loudness that is expected in commercial music.  Underground Tracks can master your latest single, EP, or LP.  Your tracks will receive a final EQ, some multiband compression, stereo widening, limiting, fades, track spacing, and anything else required to make your project sound polished.  Also included is meta data tagging of album art,  CD text, and other track information.

Mastering cannot make a bad mix sound great.  No matter how hard we try, we cannot take your songs from basement demos to commercial tracks with the mastering process alone.  If you are happy with your mixes, we can help make them sound the best they possibly can.  It is recommended to master your whole project at once, in order to keep continuity from track to track.


1 Track



5-7 Tracks



10-15 Tracks