Photography & Design

Photography Session

Professional quality photography can elevate your image as an artist.  Underground Tracks offers a photography session service that is tailored to your project ideas and persona.  Alongside your photo shoot, a pre-shoot meeting is scheduled to conceptualize your ideas.  You will receive a complete portfolio of raw and jpeg files from the session to use as you wish.

Album Artwork Design

Album artwork gives visual context to your project.  Well designed artwork can have a major influence on how people perceive your project, even before they push play.  Give your music the best chance to stand out by allowing us to design your album artwork.  If full album artwork is not what you are looking for, we also offer simple cover art design.

Promotional Kit Package

Promotional banners make your social media pages stick out among the crowd.  They add another level of professionalism on your project, and are useful in marketing content release dates.  Press kit photos serve a similar professional marketing function but are geared towards industry professionals, rather than fans.  Let Underground Tracks design a banner and press kit that will dazzle fans and industry professionals alike.   


Photos + Cover Art



Photos + Album Art



Photos + Album Art + Promo Kit