Singer/Songwriter Production

Underground Tracks specializes in taking the vision of our artists, and bringing them to life from the ground up.  We do everything from tracking the core instruments of your song, to building an entire band around you!   

Hip-Hop Demo Revival

Demos in the hip-hop world often sound like a vocal glued on top of a beat.  Underground Tracks takes the time to open up an instrumental, restoring artifacts lost in the mastering process in order to get a vocal to sit nicely inside the mix.  Our goal with this process is to make your already great sounding instrumental work together with a well recorded vocal.  The end result is a much higher quality demo track than what is often achieved.

In Studio or On Location

With the ability to record in studio, or at a specific location, Underground Tracks is able to meet your recording needs, helping you take your music from the stage to the stereo.  

Pricing Built For You

At Underground Tracks, we understand the financial burden that recording can create.  Thinking about how much money a session is costing you while trying to nail the perfect take, often leads to a compromised performance.  For this reason we have created several project pricing options to help our artists know the basic cost of a session, regardless of how much time is spent.  Recording at an hourly rate of $25 an hour is still available; however, the project pricing options below are highly recommended. 


1-3 Instrument Stems



4-14 Instrument Stems



15+ Instrument Stems