Underground Tracks specializes in delivering masters in a variety of formats. With training in YouTube mastering, iTunes mastering, and CD mastering, we understand the need for separate masters for each medium. The loudness standards across these platforms are not uniform, which causes the playback volume of your masters to vary depending on where they're being played. We take the guesswork out of this issue by delivering you separate masters for any platform that you request. Each master is individually treated to highlight the strengths of the mix, as well as to deal with any issues that may have gone unnoticed. For EPs and LPs, special consideration is also given to track order, track spacing, and tonal continuity. Mastering also includes the tagging of meta data, such as track text and album artwork.

Mastering cannot make a bad mix sound great. We cannot take your songs from basement demos to commercial tracks with the mastering process alone.  If you are happy with your mixes, we can help make them sound the best they possibly can.


1 Track



5-7 Tracks



10-15 Tracks