A truly great mix can take the soul of a song, emphasize its every detail, and make the listener engage with it emotionally. Underground Tracks prides itself on a portfolio of professional quality mixes that do just this.  The emotional connection between your product and the listener is paramount. A great mix can convert an everyday listener into a lifelong fan. It takes years of experience and quality equipment to do this right. Our experience and facility is what sets us apart, taking your tracks to their emotional pinnacle. We are so confident in our work that we offer free test mixes for any client upon request.  Send us your recording stems, and let us show you the potential in your music!


1-3 Stems



4-20 Stems



21+ Stems


Free test mixes are available upon request. A test mix will be delivered as a small sample of the full length song. Revisions to test mixes are not available. Test mixes are to be used as a quality indicator, not as a substitute for a final mix.